Own a Jimmy Steele Downeast Peapod

The first time you row a Downeast Peapod yacht tender you will be hooked. These nimble row boats are fun to row, yet seakindly, stable, and safe enough for even the youngest rowing enthusiast.

Downeast Peapods are traditionally built, double-ended rowing boats. Called peapods because they are shaped like a pod of peas with a stem at each end, they can easily accommodate four adults, and they row just as easily fully loaded or light. If you have never rowed a boat like this, you will be amazed at how effortlessly it moves through the water.

Downeast Peapods are available in three models.

“These peapods are finely shaped for easy recreational rowing, and at that they are an unqualified success.”

Joel White

Yacht Designer and Boatbuilder, Brooklin Boat Yard


The standard “Chevy” model row boat is finished entirely with painted surfaces. The seats are cedar and the gunwales and risers mahogany.


The “Cadillac” model incorporates mahogany seats and sheer strakes, both of which are varnished.

Rolls Royce

The “Rolls Royce” model features a varnished interior. The seats and sheer strakes can be mahogany, teak, or other specified species of wood.

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Downeast Peapods have a long and revered heritage in Maine as some of the finest, most practical small boats ever built in New England. Designed with striking lines and constructed with true Maine craftsmanship, these 14-foot tenders are a pleasure to row — swift and effortless, even when carrying a full load. Downeast Peapods are also available with a gaff sailing rig, doubling as daysailers for lazy days on the water with the kids.